Fear of Rejection

Overcome Rejection Fear

Rejection Fear will sabotage your relationships. Fear of rejection is a big obstacle to creating a lasting relationship. Rejection Fear comes from past hurts of being rejected. I’ve seen people carry around rejection fears from seeing other people rejected, so it doesn’t even have to happen to you to affect…
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EFT Therapy: An Overview

The 2 most common blocks to having the relationships you want and how to eliminate them using EFT (Emotional  Freedom Techniques). The most common block to creating intimate relationships is one that we all feel at some time in our lives… …the belief that we are not good enough to create intimate relationships we want or that…
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Overcoming Your Past Relationship

Overcoming Your Past Relationship Do you think back over all the relationships you have had what stops you from creating a good relationship, one that you really want? EFT Tapping Therapy can help . I think that the biggest obstacle to having a good relationship is the fears and hurts…
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Emotional Freedom in Minutes

Emotional Freedom in Minutes Listen or download a 5 minute Emotional Freedom Techniques instruction for tapping away anxiety FREE Audio Download Remove emotional pain quickly with a technique you can do yourself in just minutes. With skilled guidance, you can not only remove emotional pain quickly, but also remove physical pain quickly. Emotional…
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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom in Minutes with EFT Remove emotional pain quickly – with a technique you can do yourself, one that you can learn in just minutes! With skilled guidance, you can not only remove emotional pain quickly, but also remove physical pain quickly. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of the new Energy Therapies that…
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Break Free From Impossible Relationships

We create impossible relationships by choosing people to meet our unmet needs from childhood. This sets up a vicious cycle of anticipation but then leads to disappointment. EFT is a way to remove the attractiveness of these impossible relationships so that we can choose relationships that are more likely to…
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EFT to deal with Trauma

EFT is a Simple Technique to Deal with Trauma Recent years have seen the development of a family of therapies that offer clinically effective alternatives to traditional, long-term treatments. These Power Therapies only require one to three sessions, but the results are usually permanent. Each of them provides noticeable relief…
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