Are you in a relationship with a BPD?

Are you in a relationship with a BPD?

BPD Symptoms:

  • Is your partner causing you pain and confusion most of the time?
  • Are you afraid fo speak freely because your partner often ridicules you or makes you wrong for your feelings and opinions?
  • Does your partner suddenly switch between loving affectionate behavior and rageful attacks on you?
  • Are your needs dismissed and ridiculed?
  • Does your partner try to separate you from your friends, family or interests?
  • Does your partner refuse to take responsibility for his/her behavior and claim to be the victim?
  • If you try to leave the relationship does your partner offer you promises to change mixed in with threats to your self or your family? Do you find yourself being so confused  an intimidated by the relationship that you feel that you can’t trust your own feelings anymore?

If you have some of these elements in your relationship you are with a BPD,NPD or SPD person.

I have seen  many men and women who have been attracting this type of person without realizing it, over and over again.There are very good reasons that we magnetize  people with certain qualities into our lives.  These reasons have to do with our childhood conditions and the the aspects of ourselves that we deny or “disown”.

In the last 20 years I have worked with many couples and I find more and more that a person who comes to me frustrated and at their wit’s end is often with a BPD,NPD or SPD ,beating their head against the wall, not knowing what to do or how to be in this type of relationship.  I am passionate about educating people to understand what is happening and how to navigate the rough waters of this type of journey.

When I was much younger, I myself found myself in a relationship with a man who was BPD and didn’t even realize it at first…until I got into therapy.  I am so grateful for therapy and all the revelations I got about myself and my relationship; most importantly, I learned how to heal myself so that I could  learn to have a  healthy  loving relationship