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If couples entered the divorce process remembering the qualities that drew them to their spouse in the beginning, the divorce would go much more smoothly.

It ‘s normal for people to change over time.  The best divorces happen beause people accept this fact. Instead of reacting to the initial feelings that people often have to divorce, I help people to see what they have evolved into and what the marriage has evolved into. Those are often very different things. With clarity that comes from talking with your spouse about the expectations you had for the marriage originally and what actually happened couples often can come up with a feeling or relief about the divorce instead of anger, fear, and loss.

Sure there is loss associated with divorce; loss of a life style, financial loss, even the loss of identity, but there is also the opportunity to embrace and develop the person you have become in the process.

It is my job to help women reclaim their identity and create their path to expressing who they are based on who they are today, and not who they were many years ago when they got married. I’m offering for a limited time only the opportunity for any woman in this situation the opportunity for a free coaching session. Just call or emal and put “Divorce” in the subject line of the email.



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Do You Create the Same Relationship Over and Over With Different People? Here’s How to Change This!

Do You Create the Same Relationship Over and Over With Different People

I posted a new article on DailyStrength.org showing how to eliminate the core issues that cause us to recreate the same problems with each relationship. One way to unhook from old patterns that damage relationships is to use EFT(emotional Freedom Techniques)


Depression,Empty Nest

5 Action Steps to get you out of Empty Nest Depression fast.

1) Acknowledge your feelings of loss and allow yourself to feel upset.

2) Start making a list of all the things you have wanted to do in your life that you haven’t yet gotten to. Pick one of these to start this week.

3) Seek out friends who have been through this or can understand how you feel and talk with them about your feelings.

4) Keep a journal or spend 5 minutes meditating outside every morning. Remember the amount of time meditating is not important. It is the regularity and commitment that count so commit to 5 minutes when you first wake up. You’ll be surprised how much this will raise your spirits.

5) Seek professional help if you are feeling overwhelmed.