Individual Therapy

Are you in a relationship with a BPD ( Borderline personality disorder )?

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Individual therapy -Susan Quinn Life Coach LA

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a type of Therapy which deals with the fact that , as an infant, our earliest relational experience with others creates an unconscious/subconscious relational “template” or “living record” that actually establishes and maintains future adult relationships. This template includes memories of people, events and the feelings that go with them (anxiety, depression, emptiness, pain or rage. Even though this template is out of awareness, it “sets the stage” for adult relationships and influences attempts at forming intimate bonds. Because of this dynamic, we have an “inherent determination” to shape today’s connections so they “feel like” those that did ( or did not) exist with early caretakers.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

While altering an early event isn’t possible, deep rooted pain can actually be healed in psychotherapy and eventually the ability to receive love in sufficient amounts returns. This is when a person can create happy and healthy relationships.