Single And Looking-Relationship Counseling

Single And Looking-Relationship Counseling

Have you made the same bad relationship choices over and over again?

Are you wondering if you will ever attract and create a good healthy relationship?

Have you had abusive partners in the past and are afraid to attract those same kind of relationships.

Do you truly want a healthy loving relationship at this time?

How does Relationship Counseling help?

Relationship Counseling helps you understand why you keep repeating the same mistakes. Only then can you change these harmful patterns.

We tend to replay patterns that we learned in our family as a child. These are out of awareness but they can create faulty relationships . Until we can acknowledge and change these patterns we will continue to create more of the same.

I can help you to correct these problems that keep you from having a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Here are the things you need to learn:

  • What obstacles you put up to block you from letting love and tenderness into your heart
  • How to have confidence that allows you to set good boundaries and make your needs known so that they will be respected
  • How to communicate in ways that allow for connection and emotional intimacy
  • How to manage your fears that keep you from going with the flow

Marrianne WIlliamson in her book, Enchanted Love says,” The most important work we do on relationships is when were not in them. This is when we are humble and therefore able to learn to see ourselves more clearly.