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EMDR EFT Tapping allows you to let go of those negative beliefs and negative feelings.

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EMDR and EFT Tapping allows you to let go of those negative beliefs and negative feelings.

Even though is was originally developed to treat emotional trauma, it is now used to treat anxiety and depression.  It helps to release negative feelings such as unworthiness, helplessness, low self esteem because it changes your perspective of whatever happened  to make you feel unworthy or unloved or incapable .

These powerful feelings of not being good enough come from experience in our chilhood which in most cases would not be considered traumatic.   As a child before the age of 6 or 7 we interpret thing to be about us.  For example  a child often thinks, “if mommy or daddy leaves the marriage, it must mean that I  was bad.”

We develop many insecurities which carry through to our adult life by things that were thoughtlessly said to us in childhood.

The good thing about working with EMDR is that we don’t have to have the  actual memory of what implanted the feeling of being flawed in us because we can use the feeling ( which we are very familiar with) and work from there to clear  the roots of low self esteem.

Being the victim of bullying also attacks our self esteem and can make us fearful and depressed in our adult life.

We may not even remember things that were said consciously but we just get an idea that we are flawed and carry this sense of ourselves through our lives.

EMDR works a lot like Hypnosis to remove those pervasive painful feelings that most of us have that cause us to believe that there is something wrong with us.

EMDR was originally developed in the 80′s and used extensively with PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). There are many studies showing its effectiveness with PTSD and because of its usefulness in processing fearful events it is now used to remove fears that cause people to hold limiting beliefs that keep them from having a fulfilled life.

When a scary or traumatic event occurs, it gets stuck in the nervous system with the initial impression, sounds, thoughts and feelings. This information can become twisted and can very much impact our feelings about these events. The eye movement motion opens up the nervous system allowing the brain to re-integrate positive information. The process includes reprocessing of negative, distorted, self-thoughts associated with the trauma allowing positive beliefs about the self to emerge. The repetitious eye movements stimulates visual nerve clusters to loosen distressing thoughts, which are frozen and stored in memory, and processes them to resolution. Providing side-to-side, bi-lateral stimulation to a person while discussing traumatic events or feelings of any kind in a specific therapeutic fashion.
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EMDR works wonders in allowing a person to release the fear and other painful feelings.

Insight does not equal change. Whats leads to change, is removing the “fearresponse” from your body , that has kept you living in the past.

When feeling threatened, we react with the fight or flight or freeze response and our instincts take over. In this contemporary era, it is often very difficult to fight or flight a traumatic situation (i.e. such as leave an abusive marriage due to finances or children).

The immobility response or “freezing response” allows us to stay in a toxic situation enduring the tension and pain waiting for the right moment to get rid of the distress. Often, the freezing response becomes a permanent part of your personality and the original trauma never heals

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How EMDR Therapy Works.

EMDR is an 8 phase process. After an assessment is made and the client’s resources are strengthened then the desensitization can start.

There are two key ingredients of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing treatment. The first is called “bilateral stimulation” (EMDR) which simply means a back and forth stimulation which engages the left and right cerebral hemispheres. What this does is to cause the level of intensity of the feeling you are working with to come down from a 10 to a 0 or 1 ( on a scale of 1-10).

The other ingredient is the focusing back on the event after the feeling has gone down to a 0 intensity and this is when the person sees that he has a completely different belief about himself and the world.

After desensitizing and reprocessing the negative pattern EMDR helps to strengthen the new desired belief or feeling. Then it is used to reinforce new learnings that are now needed.