EFT Picture Tapping


Introducing the PICTURE TAPPING TECHNIQUE (PTT), a brand new technique for resolving painful issues using the subconscious mind, which is the control center of all behavior.

I am very excited about the results I am getting with my clients using PTT. It was just recently developed in the UK, and is a combination of EFT Meridian Tapping, and Art Therapy.

It is extremely efficient because it brings resolutions fast and without even having to talk about the issue being worked on, which makes it painless. Many people including adults and especially children like the fact that they don’t have to talk about the problem. My colleagues and I are all pretty amazed with the results we have gotten working with this.

The reason you don’t have to talk about the problem is that instead of telling what the problem seems to be, the client simply draws on a piece of paper with colored markers how this particular problem makes you feel at this very moment.

The Following illustration properly defines the eft picture tapping technique.

This series of pictures was drawn by a young woman who has extreme anxiety and depression. She worries constantly and is currently worried about dealing with all the details of a car crash and having to get a new car etc. She feels overwhelmed and wants to take to her bed which is her default position. She draws the picture below and then as we look at her picture I ask her questions about it as I guide her to tap on the meridians. This causes the anxiety to go from a 10 to a 5.

eft picture tapping

Now we go to the second picture. She goes inside and notices how this same situation makes her feel now. She is at the bottom of this huge hill. As I ask her questions about this drawing and she taps around on her meridian points her anxiety about hits picture goes for an 8 to a 2.

eft picture tapping

So now she draws her 3rd picture showing how she feels right NOW about this car situation. She is feeling less scared and more tired.
eft picture tapping

This is the 4th picture she drew and we start to see movement. In this phase we see movement whether it is wind, waves , question marks , birds flying and things starting to change.

eft picture tapping

I asked her to draw one more picture telling her that this would be her resolution picture meaning this picture would resolve the problem. The picture below has a completely different tone. She has made it across the hill (almost) and can see the other side where the sun is shining.

eft picture tapping