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People reviews and Testimonial on how Susan Quinn, MFT has been helping her clients feel more free and confident for over 25 years.

When I came to Susan two years ago, I was in the middle of a bad divorce with a man who was emotionally abusive and I didn’t know what to do. My self-esteem was at a record low and I felt paralyzed, but when I started talking with Susan I felt so understood. I have since met the best guy and we are in a perfect place in our relationship.
Kristen M.

After my breakup with an emotionally abusive man, I was afraid to look for love again. I felt like a failure for staying in a bad relationship for so long. I didn’t think any good man would want me. Susan helped me to feel confident enough to start dating again, finally.
We worked on my confidence and she helped me to change my mood and my beliefs about myself so that I finally felt worthy of real love. I am now, a year later dating a wonderful man who treats me like a queen. When I look back at my last relationship I can’t believe I put up with his abuse. I have come a long way and I’m so grateful to Susan Quinn.
P.G., Beverly Hills

I have found all my sessions with Susan to be of great benefit to me. Susan has so many unique and healing ways of guiding you to become the best you can be. I always looked forward to my sessions with Susan and have benefited in so many ways from them.
Joanna M.
I went to Susan for hypnotherapy for my freeway driving phobia and panic attacks because she helped my friends husband get over his panic attacks.  I have been having panic attacks since I was a teenager off and on.  Lately I have had really bad fear driving on the freeway and had to pull over often because I thought I was having a heart attack.  I went to the emergency room and they checked my heart and told me it is perfect.  We first worked on my driving fears and panic attacks on the freeway.  She just talks to me- she calls it conversational hypnosis and then I feel so peaceful at the end of the session.  Then she always gives me an assignment to test out our work together by driving on the freeway a short way. So I started driving a small amount on the freeway with the option of giving myself the chance to pull over and so something she taught me to do.  I felt panicy but and pulled over but by the time I pulled over I didn’t feel panicky so I continued home.  I was really surprised that i didn’t need to pull over and stop.  For some reason I felt safe- I would start to feel the old panic and then it would dissipate immediately.  She helped me so much.  The way she talks to you in hypnosis is so differert from what I have experienced in earlier hypnosis that I have tried.  She also has you record the session on your phone, which I listen to at least once a day to condition my mind.  So bottom line is I dont have my freeway driving phobia any more thankfully! Im so grateful and I have sent her another friend  who she cured of their performance anxiety.

Alicia B Los Angeles

My husband and I saw Susan because we were so angry at each other and we really didn’t know why. She helped us to understand what we were feeling and to talk to each other and listen.   We had been taking each other for granted on the outside but underneath it was a lot of resentment we had both been carrying around for 20 years.   We didn’t realize that- we just thought we were bored with each other.  Once we uncovered and talked about the resentments we carried we started to feel better about each other than we had felt in years.  One of the things Susan taught  us was that resentment kills intimacy.  Going deep into our resentments helped us to connect in a deep and loving way.  The skills that she taught us helped us to get back loving and close feelings for each other. We go back to see her when we have a rough spot and it really helps us to come together again. I’m so glad she’s there for us.
J.V., Los Angeles

I went to Susan because I was crying all the time- I couldn’t stop. My husband had been unfaithful and I didn’t know how to talk to him. Susan helped me to feel stronger and create a plan. I brought him in and we came to an agreement and I felt much more settled. We are still working things out. I am so glad to feel strong again. Her help made all the difference at a tough time in my life.
M.C., Los Angeles

We went to Susan at a friend’s suggestion and found her to be refreshingly fair and impartial.
My husband had felt blamed before when we went to couples counseling. Susan does not take sides. Her philosophy is that a relationship is a system and each person reacts off of what the other brings. His anger is affected by the things I am bringing to the relationship. We learned so much about intimate relationships so we have gained a depth that we didn’t have before.
K.H. Los Angeles

Susan is amazing!
Becky, Beverly Hills

My husband and I went to Marriage Counseling with Susan. My sister-in-law told me that Susan was amazing and she was! We got help with how we communicate with each other and some anger issues as well. She is very intuitive and quick as well as thorough.

I have completely revamped my life with her help.  She helped me to see that I have skills and wisdom and that I need to use them if I want to be truly happy.  I started a new business of helping small businesses do social media.  I love this work.  It’s so invigorating and it gives me such joy and purpose.

I highly recommend her to anyone who thinks there is room for improvement in their relationship.
Natasha, Beverly Hills

I’ve gone to many therapists over the last 10 years but none of them seemed to really get me.

Then I went to Susan Quinn and I immediately felt so understood and cared about from her.

She gets right to the root of the problem and I felt better almost immediately.

She has so many different therapies such as EMDR and EFT which gave me an entirely new experience of therapy.  These two things cause you to see your world with an entirely different perspective.

She is also so wise and knows about hypnosis and dream analysis. I trust her completely and I go in and see her whenever I am having issues. I always get more than I expected from our sessions.
Cheryl G, Los Angeles


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