Finances- What we fear rules us!

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Finances- What we fear rules us!

We are programmed from childhood to have strong feelings and beliefs about money and finances.

When I talk to a group and ask them what emotions and beliefs come up for them when I ask them to write down the answers to these questions on a piece of paper, the room gets very quiet with fear , shame and other strong emotions.

Here are the questions I ask:

*When You think about the money you earn in Income, what emotions are running through your nervous system?

*What belief fund through your body and mind when you think about your Savings?

*What feelings and beliefs are running through your nervous system system when I ask you to write down the amount of debt you have.

These questions bring up fears and feelings of shame and very painful beliefs – beliefs about being unable to have money or to have savings.

The problem is that these beliefs become powerful indicators in our lives. What we fear we create. This is called a self fulfilling prophecy.

I work with people to help them remove these powerful beliefs and then be able to address the the solutions to this big problem.

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