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Stress causes tension and Anxiety Disorder

anxiety and depression

Some of the childhood circumstances that may cause a person to develop Anxiety Disorders.

  • Parents are overly concerned with safety.  If parents are constantly over cautious and fearful about danger in everyday events this can cause a child to be afraid to explore and will view the world as dangerous.
  • Excessive criticism from parents often makes a child feel insecure and dependent.  If the child feels overly dependent on the parents approval and this approval is withheld this sets up an over reliance on a safe person and can later changes to a safe place this can lead to agoraphobia.
  • Parents discourage expression of feelings and assertiveness in asking for needs to be met. If a child is shamed or humiliated for the way he expresses himself or for getting angry he will often try to hold his feelings in which causes anxiety and depression.
  • Stress also  causes tension and anxiety.  When cumulative stress builds up,  people can start to have panic attacks.

Anxiety disorders are maintained by the following

  • Avoiding the situations that cause anxiety
  • Anxious self- talk
  • Negative and self limiting beliefs
  • Denying your feelings
  • Lack of assertiveness and expression

There are many ways to treat anxiety disorders including EMDR, cognitive therapy, cognitive rehearsal, hypnotherapy, exposure therapy, EFT, Imagery desensitization,  and systematic desensitization.


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