Reducing fear and depression in the face of Covid-19

Reducing fear and depression in the face of Covid-19

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Reducing fear and depression in the face of Covid-19

In the face of this months-long pandemic with joblessness, social distancing, and all the stress that it creates, there has been a marked increase of addiction, depression, fear, symptoms of PTSD, and domestic violence.

We are not comfortable living in uncertainty.

The human brain strives for certainty. We are constantly looking for some authority to tell us what is going to happen next, what to believe and what to think. But we are constantly bombarded with contradicting news to the point where we don’t know what to believe.

We are clearly more likely to pick the familiar option when it may not be the best choice of what to do or what to believe.  What is familiar to most of us is fear in uncertain times.

Instead of submitting to the collective fear and confusion that the losses of loved ones and jobs can cause, we can do these small things to create a sense of calmness in ourselves which will spread to others.

DIY- How to manage your stress and depression yourself

1). If I could offer one most effective way of allaying your anxiety it would be using EFT tapping on yourself to release the fear and stress. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple way to release fear from the nervous system. Anyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes.

2). Self-compassion or compassion for the scared child part of us is a powerful way to bring a feeling of serenity and peace into your mind and body. There are some meditations that focus on compassion and self-compassion. One of them is called “Loving Kindness Meditation” or its also called “Metta Meditation ‘

3). Since mind and body are so intertwined taking care of the body calms the mind. Try to get out in the sun each day and exercise preferably 3 times a day for 15 minutes each. This is proven to elevate your mood.

4). Set up a routine for yourself and put it on your calendar. This gives you a sense of purpose. Consider finding someone you can help with just connecting online or calling, or offering to help with buying groceries or some other small gesture.

4). Know that we are all in this uncertainty together and we will get through it. If you need someone to talk to you can call these numbers, or contact me:


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