The second worst mistake you can make on a date


The second worst mistake you can make on a date- clear out negative feelings like fear, and doubt with EFT

In my last post, I wrote about how to be alive and present in this moment.  When you do that you have pretty much-taken care of everything you need to do to have a great time.

A great time doesn’t depend on the other person, -it completely depends on you and your attitude.

Don’t think about the future. Don’t think about the past.  Worry lives in the past and the future.  You want to be in the present now.

I mentioned in the post before that it is of most importance to get yourself in the right state of mind before you go on the date.

Since most people worry before the date about being evaluated, being rejected and all kinds of “not good enough” beliefs the very best way to sweep those beliefs away is to use EFT tapping on yourself before you go out.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. In this process you tap along the meridian points on your face to release emotions that you don’t want like, overwhelm, worry, fear, shame or some version of “I’m not good enough” ( which we all have popping up from time to time.  So EFT is an emotional release technique that you can do in less than 12 seconds and it really works in a very efficient way.  It’s the first thing I teach all my clients.

So clear out any and all of those limiting feelings and beliefs before the date and you will be surprised at how easily and effortlessly you glide through the date.


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