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Post Traumatic Stress,Post Traumatic Growth

According to new studies of Post Traumatic Stress extreme growth often accompanies these experiences.

There is a new study done by psychologists Lawrence Calhoun and Richard Tedeschi which studied people who had massive strokes that left them mostly paralyzed.

Surprisingly Mostly good effects from this trauma were reported by the members of the study. The Psychologists labeled this new phenomena POST-TRAUMATIC- GROWTH.

New studies show positive outcomes from Post Traumatic Stress

For years the psychological community only focused on the negative effects of post traumatic stress. Recent studies of people who have been through extreme post traumatic stress from loss of limbs and strokes are now showing surprising benefits of trauma. They are reporting gaining new meaning to life among other things:

There were five different areas where people talked about positive growth occurring in the face of trauma:

  • New possibilities opened up that they had not been aware of.
  • They were now relating to others in a better way.
  • They discovered personal strengths that they had not been aware of before.
  • They had some spiritual changes.
  • They gained a new appreciation for life.

If  you or someone you know has experienced a  trauma they can take the POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH INVENTORY to become aware of the growth and new awarenesses you gained from the traumatic event.


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