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Are you in an Addictive Relationship?

Are deeply unhappy in your relationship but yet you remain clinging to it? How can you tell whether your failure to leave the relationship is based on preference, commitment or if you are in a addictive relationship.

To check if you are in an addictive relationship, ask yourself these questions:

Even though your objective judgment and the judgment of others clearly tells you that this relationship is a dead end and has no chance of getting better, you stay in the relationship anyway. When you think of ending the relationship you feel frozen terror and aloneness and then you cling to it even harder. Have you asked yourself you you’re engaging in an addictive relationship When you try to leave, you feel such withdrawal anxiety and physical pain that can only be relieved by re-establishing contact. You have a strong body-emotional reaction which takes over (when you try to leave) that is so powerful that many times it erases your memory of all the reasons why you had decided to leave the relationship. If these signs are there you can be sure that you have lost the ability to direct your own life. You must admit to yourself that you are in an addictive relationship and are powerless to direct your life. You will have the choice to stay in the relationship as it is or to get the help to understand what you are dealing with in yourself and get the support and insight to leave it. Hungry for a connection? Longing to feel connected to someone or something?

The main reason people get hooked into an addictive relationship has to do with Dependency needs developed in childhood.


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