Meditation to Strengthen Relationship

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Meditation to Strengthen Relationship

A recent study at Emory University found that meditation improves people’s ability to read other’s emotions, thus improving their relationships.

Meditation can be a useful tool for strengthening relationships as it can help with:

Improving communication: It can increase awareness of your own thoughts and feelings, leading to better self-expression and understanding of others.

Reducing stress and conflict: It can help reduce stress and improve emotional regulation, which can help reduce conflicts in a relationship.

Increasing empathy: It can increase empathy and compassion, which can help improve the overall connection in a relationship.

Cultivating gratitude: It can help shift focus to the positive aspects of a relationship and foster appreciation and gratitude.

Some ways to incorporate It into your relationship could be to:

Practice together: Meditate together as a couple to deepen your connection.

Individual practice: Encourage your partner to meditate individually and share your experiences.

Mindful communication: Use mindful communication techniques in your daily conversations.

Remember, It is just one tool for strengthening relationships and it’s important to approach it with an open mind and patience.

Read on to see how meditation can help you have more empathy in your relationships.

“Can Mindfulness Meditation Strengthen Relationships?” By Ruth Buczynski, Ph.D


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