Seeking motivation and personal growth - Susan Quinn

Seeking motivation and personal growth

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” —Buddha If you are seeking motivation and personal growth, there is a therapy that works perfectly to achieve what you want. Check my website by clicking or give me a call at 310-600-3458 to discuss how I might be of…
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Looking for an online therapist - Susan Quinn

Looking for an online therapist

Looking for an online therapist Looking for an online therapist? You found the right place. Schedule Your Free Consult Today. 💻 There are many online therapy services that can connect you with licensed therapists for remote sessions. Some popular online therapy platforms include: BetterHelp: A platform connecting individuals with…
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Financial Stress and Anxiety - Susan Quinn Therapist & Life Coach

Financial Stress and Anxiety

Financial Stress and Anxiety If you are struggling with financial stress and anxiety , let me help you! I work with people to help them remove these powerful beliefs and then be able to address the the solutions to this big problem. Financial stress and anxiety can have a significant…
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Rejection Fear-Susan Quinn Life Coach Los Angeles

Rejection Fear

Rejection Fear Rejection Fear comes from past hurts of being rejected. We can change this by going to the memories behind our unwanted actions and then changing the feelings behind them. With the feelings changed the “drivers” are gone and we can imprint new experiences that we’d rather have in…
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