signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Emotionally Abusive Relationships,relationship

How can you tell if you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship?

These are some of the signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationships:

  • Your partner tries to cut you down or humiliate you in front of others, eroding your self esteem.
  • Your partner is very jealous to the exetent that she/he tries to cut you off from your friends and family. This is because of an underlying fear of abandonment and she sees others as comprtition for your attention.
  • She/he makes every problem in the relationship “ your fault”.
  • She/he threatens to hurt her/himself or you or your children, etc if you ever try to leave.

If you find these things are happening you must get help to get out of this toxic relationship because these types of relationships become more and more dangerous the longer they last.

You also must get help exploring and understanding why you have attracted and remained in this relationship.

Unconsciously, we are drawn to people like the people who raised us. So if one of your parents had any of these qualities you could be drawn to this type of person in hopes that you will be “loved” in a way that the parent couldn’t love you. Some people continuously try to get love from partners who can’t love them in the ways they want to be loved, so they will meet with the same rejection they had as a child. This leads to an unding cycle of failed relationships.

The good news is that you can heal from this tendency to get into one after another abusive relatonship if you get professinal help.


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