How to use the new year to fix old relationship stimulate

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How to use the new year to fix old relationship problems

Relationships offer us hope for an amazing future and at the same time they stimulate deep fear that we may loose the thing that we cherish so much.
These deep fears cause us to act out against our partner and can sabatoge the relationship.
The type of fears we react to come from our core beliefs so the way to eliminate this problem is to change  or soften our limiting beliefs which are held in the unconscious mind.

These limiting beliefs are usually some version of “Im not good enough to have love or to succeed”.  When these fears get activated we often lash out in an attempt to protect ourselves.  Over time this kind of reaction causes resentment.  Resentment, more than anything else destroys the intimacy in relationships.

The answer is to soften these fears that trigger these defensive reactions so that each partner can open to the one that is there.

I use 2 very effective processes to do this with my clients.  They are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) including Matrix Reimprinting and EMDR.




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