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Empty Nest Syndrome Is More Common Today

Empty nest syndrome is a time when children leave the home and couples are particularly vulnerable to marital problems and divorce at this time. The structure that has held the family together is now compromised or gone. This is like a bridge that develops cracks and becomes unstable and eventually collapses.

Depression is part of Empty Nest Syndrome

The family system can also collapse if the cracks in the bridge (structure) are not repaired and rebuilt.

This is not a surprising consequence when more and more in the last 10 or 12 years couples are focusing all their energy on the children’s activities to the detriment of their own couple relationship.

This causes resentment and resentment erodes the good feelings in the marriage.

Empty Nest Syndrome

I encourage couples going through empty nest syndrome to get couples coaching or therapy at the first sign of feeling resentment toward their partner to repair the imtimacy in the relationship. If this is caught in time before it gets too far along the intimacy can be reignited, otherwise this situation becomes a breeding ground for affairs and divorce.

There is hope for a good outcome in spite of these changes.  You can create a dynamic relationship Right Now! 

This is the time to explore what you want your relationship and your life to be right now.  With honesty, soul searching and good communication you can create a fulfilling relationship full of connection and intimacy.


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