Eating Habits -unwanted pounds

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Eating Habits -unwanted pounds

Why wait for January to loose those final unwanted pounds permanently.  What if you could gradually begin now to change your uncoscious attitudes toward food?  I’m not suggesting that you change your eating now because the first part of this amazing program is that you don’t deal with food at all in the beginning.  This is about changing your unconscious programming that controls not only your eating habits but all habits.

Habits by definition are unconscious so therefore they will only be changed by processes that work with the unconscious mind.

Most people who want to weigh less say that they are doing it too raise there self concept or feel better about themselves.

A more empowering idea is to change your feeling about how much control you have over your life and your habits and that will not only make you feel energized and inspired and ultimately happier and more fullfilled , but it will also make you release the unwanted weight as a by-product.

So I am forming a group for people ( including myself ) who want to release those same stubborn 5-15 or 20 pounds that they have been struggling with for many years…maybe their whole life.  This comprehensive program deals with craving reduction and  unconscious programming causing us to put on and keep unwanted pounds.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in a program like that?  If you do, please send them this blog post and stay tuned for more information on this program which will be presented in future blog posts here.


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