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Looking for an online therapist

Looking for an online therapist Looking for an online therapist? You found the right place. Schedule Your Free Consult Today. 💻 www.susanquinn.net There are many online therapy services that can connect you with licensed therapists for remote sessions. Some popular online therapy platforms include: BetterHelp: A platform connecting individuals with…
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Are you struggling with Grief - Susan Quinn Therapist & Life Coach

Are you struggling with Grief

Let me help you in this journey to overcome grief. Grief is a normal and natural response to loss, and can result from a variety of life events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or the end of a significant relationship. The grieving process can be complex…
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Relationship Counseling- Susan Quinn Therapist & Life Coach

Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling Do you find yourself creating the same stressful relationships and situations over and over again? The good news is that its not your fault.. and there is a way out of this unhappy cycle! My main goal is to help you feel relief from your pain by working…
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Fear of Rejection

Overcome Rejection Fear

Rejection Fear will sabotage your relationships. Fear of rejection is a big obstacle to creating a lasting relationship. Rejection Fear comes from past hurts of being rejected. I’ve seen people carry around rejection fears from seeing other people rejected, so it doesn’t even have to happen to you to affect…
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Solution Focused Therapy Techniques

Solution Focused Therapy Techniques Solution Focused Therapy was developed in a therapy setting and widely used for therapy since the 1980s. In the last decade, it has become popular for coaching, so we now have solution-focused coaching. It is unlike many traditional therapies in that it focuses purely on the…
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Relationship Success

Rebuild Your Broken Relationship

Rebuild Your Broken Relationship Your mental health directly impacts your relationship success. Unspoken agreements are the agreements that we do not speak, but they play out in our lives. They are agreements that we make with ourselves, another person, or group as a way to get love, attention, or to…
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