Relationship Assessment

Relationship Assessment

Instructions: Read the questions below and answer “yes” or “no”:

Relationship Assessment- Susan Quinn Therapist & Life Coach
1) Is it easy to find topics to talk about with your partner when you are alone together?

2) If you and your partner were to drive across country alone without the radio or any other form of distraction, would you look forward to that?

3) Do you and your partner have sex at least 3 times a month on average?

4) When your partner is out of town do you miss him/her?

5) Does thinking about growing old with your partner make you feel good?

6) If you could have known everything you know now about the relationship before you started the relationship, would you have started the relationship?

7) Is your relationship free from physical or verbal abuse?

If you answered two or more of the above questions with a “no”, it indicates that there are serious fundamental issues in the relationship that, if left unresolved, will lead to further dissatisfaction and tension in the relationship, potentially leading to a breakup.

If you would like to resolve these issues and bring the joy back into your relationship, I recommend seeking counseling as soon as possible.

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