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Trauma therapy in Los Angeles

Trauma therapy in Los Angeles

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

 The most effective therapies for trauma are the mind-body therapies.  I use  many different mind-body and energy therapies which all have 1 thing in common. They release that painful feeling right away…you know that one that brings you into therapy…the one you cant stand to feel any longer!

Then we can start to remove the roots of our self- sabotage and learn  how to heal from this.

My personal story is one of healing with EMDR, EFT and FasterEFT. These modalities helped me to release many fears I had including the fear of public speaking.

I teach meridian tapping “tapping” as it is also called, to all my clients so that they can remove fears in the moment when they arise.

If you have been in talk therapy for years and were helped  but you didn’t get the changes you were looking for this is probably for you…

The issues that I work most with are:

Fear and Phobias


Smoothing out the emotional bumps in dealing with a serious diagnosis and illness.

Grief and Loss whether it be loss of a relationship, spouse , child or any other loved one.

Feelings of dread and hopelessness and unworthiness, depression.

Anxiety, social anxiety, fears and phobias, PTSD.


Transitions -midlife crisis, divorce, blended families.

For over 20 years Susan Quinn has been providing Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services


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