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Susan Quinn, MFT specializes in couples counseling  and marriage counseling in Los Angeles Brentwood.

Have you reached a gridlock in trying to communicate with your partner?

Do you feel that whatever you do your partner can not hear what you have to say …and trying even makes it worse?

Are you having the same fight over and over again?

Couples Counseling can help!


angry couple

couples counseling in Los Angeles


Do you feel alone in your relationship-like you’re the only one who wants to work on the relationship? Has i been a long time since you have had affection and closeness with your partner? Do you long to re-connect with your partner and share that closeness again?  Relationship therapy can help!


couples counseling marriage counseling

Alone in your relationship


Have you had so many disappointments with relationships that you are reluctant to try any more to meet someone new?  Relationship therapy can help


relationship therapy, relationship counseling

Single and looking

Relationships are our sacred teachers. We attract people into our lives who challenge us because they carry qualities that we haven’t developed in ourselves The relationship challenges us to develop those dormant parts in ourselves so that we become more whole both in and out of relationships.


For over 20 years Susan Quinn has been teaching her clients how to overcome these problems and have a fulfilling relationship that has connection, intimacy and trust. There are specific skills to create and maintain a loving relationship that works.

Santa Monica  Brentwood  Pacific Palisades  West Los Angeles
Beverly Hills  Century City  Culver City

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