Violence in the life of Celebrities

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Violence in the life of Celebrities

“Niece of Julia Roberts and budding actress Emma Roberts is on her way to fame. She’s set to appear in the new movie “Meet the Millers” alongside Jennifer Anniston this month and stars in the popular television series “American Horror Story”.

But even though 22-year-old Emma’s career is successful, her personal life may not be so wonderful.

On July 7th, Roberts was arrested in a Montreal hotel after police responded to calls about a domestic dispute between her and her boyfriend, actor Evan Peters. Peters was bloody and Roberts was reportedly arrested on the spot.

Often, people understand domestic violence as a male physically attacking or harassing a female, but domestic violence can be between any two people and is often traumatic and difficult to walk away from.

Roberts may even be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, where she can be sweet and head-over-heels for Peters one day, and violent the next. (See my post on BPD here)

Roberts and Peters need to work through their issues without violence to reach a healthy mental state. If you have had an experience with domestic violence, or you’re in a relationship with someone who seems to have BPD, there is help.

Get the help you need. Talk to a trusted loved one or friend, read about BPD and/or domestic violence, and break free. You can even call me for a free consultation.

Hopefully, Roberts and her boyfriend will seek help to establish a more healthy relationship. Learn more about Violence in the life of Celebrities…



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  • Freeman

    - 9:26 pm

    I have just now gotten out of a stressful, up and down ‘relationship’ that lasted roughly 2 years with someone that has emotionally hurt me the most I’ve ever been hurt and got physical a few times. Everything in the beginning was so sweet, nice and caring. She would write me love notes. We would cook dinners together. The sex was INCREDIBLE and almost an every day thing. It’s as though we were love birds in our own little nest. I really did feel like her and I clicked. But things started to get ugly once her 2nd ex-husband showed back up and wanted her back after 2 weeks of dating.

    That’s when it started to get complicated. She would talk to him on the phone at night because he wanted her back. He threatened to kill himself if she didn’t go back to him. She told me that he wants to take care of her and she said I wasn’t making any efforts to help her out financially or ‘be there’ for her. It was constant, ‘You’re never there for me.’ or ‘You are so selfish of a man.’ I did everything I could to show her I loved her. I took her to dinners, movies, wrote her sweet things, made art for her. She would cry a lot and talk about her abusive ex-husbands.

    She has a daughter and was going through a court custody battle with her 1st ex-husband. I loved her daughter so much too and so quickly. We had been dating a little over 6 months before my ex told me that she wanted to start talking about serious commitment or we were over. She wanted to get married and be a family. She was going to school at the time and said she didn’t have any time for a job. I was nervous about supporting her through all of this so soon. I tried to have an adult conversation with her about finances and she would flip out if I mentioned

    She said that her ex-husband wanted to marry her again and take care of her, protect her. This was held over my head so many times that it would make me sick. I loved her and didn’t want to lose our relationship. I pleaded that she not dump me and compromise with me. She broke up with me because I wasn’t committed to marrying her when she wanted to. We broke up and got back together over 30 times, maybe more, over the past year and a half. She wanted me to take her to the courthouse almost every weekend to get a marriage license. She would dump me if I didn’t tell her a date we were getting married. It was so hurtful! I heard all about her ex and I wasn’t a big enough man to do these things for her. She said that she loved him but was not in love with him. She said she was in love with me and wanted me. Yet, would tell me she’s going back to him if I don’t marry her.

    I was kicked out of her house (even with her daughter watching everything). She yelled at me on the porch in front of her neighbors. She emailed my Mom to tell her that I am commitment phobic. She looked through my phone when I was asleep. She threw things at me. She said that she hopes I die. The look in her eyes would make an army retreat. She would tell me all about her friends relationships and how they were so much greater than ours. I wasn’t perfect in the relationship either but I didn’t do anything on the level that she did. I just wanted to peacefully talk about things and compromise on a marriage date.

    I had some big questions about what I was experiencing. It was the most intense heart grabbing relationship I had ever been in. After talking to some close friends about being depressed I googled verbally abusive girlfriend and marriage ultimatums. I found articles in relation to Borderline Personality. I wanted to know if something wasn’t quite right with my exes demands. She would text me, email me hateful remarks and cuss at me after breaking up with me. I’m talking about arguments over text that would last all day long and go nowhere. If I brought up that she was being over the top, she would pile on more. I got to the point where I just shut my phone off and concentrated on working or else I was a nervous wreck.

    I started smoking cigarettes again, I didn’t care about my work, I wasn’t taking care of myself. All I could think about was her and what I did wrong and if I should marry her to make things right. I’ve talked to my family and close friends over and over about the majority of it. My ex would come to my house and I would be the one apologizing for everything. She apologized very rarely. It was like I was talking to a woman that was never wrong and everything she did was justified. To her, I was selfish, egotistical, abusive, I have relationship issues, I am bipolar, etc. I heard almost all of it.

    I just struggle a little bit still with finding the real answer. I wonder still if I did the right thing by wanting to work on the relationship before getting married.

    • Susan Quinn

      - 7:56 am

      It’s very sad but unfortunately this is what happens when you deal with a person who has Borderline Personality Disorder( BPD) or Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD). So you need to ask yourself.” How is this ever going to be any different with her?”. Be honest with yourself as you look inside and listen to the answer you get. Then proceed based on the answer to that question.

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