Courtney R.

I came to Susan two years ago in the midst of getting a divorce and not knowing what the next step in my life would be. I had been worn down by criticism and emotional abuse, but when I started talking with Susan I felt so understood and knew that I was in a safe place. I gradually gained confidence and clarity,as well as realized my own true passion for life. With Susan s guidance, I learned how to proceed with recreating my life and I now love myself and understand the meaning of everything I have gone through. I recently got a promotion at a media consulting firm and have never been so proud of where I am at today, and it is great to do with Susan s guidance. With this promotion, I have been traveling to New York frequently and I really appreciate that I can still have my weekly phone session to check-in and keep on track. Susan is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and helped me create my best life.