Cassandra Boss

I found Susan at the recommendation of a highly intelligent mentor of mine who insisted that psychotherapy, with the right therapist, was instrumental to get over childhood trauma, an addiction problem, heal my psyche and develop the ability to live a successful, normal, happy life moving forward. She was right. When I first started working with Susan I lived here in Los Angeles’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood. I had become addicted to Marijuana as a self-medicating mechanism for depression, anxiety and as a coping mechanism for problems associated with a traumatic childhood. I was fraught with worry, fear, anxiety and in a lot pain. I had repressed my feeling to the point that it became impossible for me to label and articulate them, posing a roadblock to my recovery. Susan is completely different than any therapist I have ever worked with. I would go so far as to call her an intuitive healer. She is highly practical, empathetic, communicative and has the unique ability to speak directly with your subconscious. Susan worked for me and with me when other therapists have flat out failed. Susan introduced me to EFT and various other techniques that allowed me to safely recognize and address issues that have been troubling me for decades. When I first came to Susan, I couldn’t discuss aspects of my childhood without breaking down and had problems with addiction. She taught me coping mechanisms, used EFT, visualization exercises and language patterns to help me heal myself. She is not your average therapist. She is a gifted healer that teaches you how to heal yourself in combination with her therapy.After we started working together in person, I had to move to Miami because of my job. I had made great progress with Susan and did not want to stop with her thus we were able to continue our sessions via Skype. She is equally effective over Skype as she is in person. I am now sober, performing at the top level in my job, experiencing life changing decreases in anxiety, am balancing my psyche, have coping mechanisms I never expected and am able to function in a way I never though possible. Susan’s cutting edge therapy techniques were surprising to me as first and have changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her, especially if you have tried traditional therapies in the past that have failed. To say she is very good is an understatement. I’ve been working with Susan for about nine months now.