Carrie M.

This woman is amazing. I first went to see her years ago with a chronic stuffy nose that I sensed had an emotional cause. She said she didn’t know if she could help me with my stuffy nose but she was pretty confident I would feel a lot better emotionally if I worked with her. I saw her twice and shortly after, not only did my stuffy nose clear up, but the nightmares I’d been having several times a week stopped. Years later I brought my 7-year-old son to see her because he’d been being really mean to his younger sister and he sensed it was because he was angry. I stayed with him during the session and she taught me how to do EFT with him, and told us we probably didn’t need to come back but should do EFT together on his anger every night for about 5 minutes. We did this for about 15 minutes every night for a month, until he told me he didn’t feel angry anymore. His behavior toward his sister improved a lot. Fast forward to my son being 13, dealing with eczema that was causing him to scratch his face, neck, arms and legs. I suggested we go see “the tapping lady” and he agreed. He saw her alone, and he came out of his session glowing. He didn’t scratch the rest of the day, and at night scratch his face a little bit. Planning to take him back soon to continue. She teaches a skill you can use on your own, which the whole family has used, for illness, homework anxiety, homesickness, etc. I can’t recommend her highly enough.